Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Today's class revealed we have a new live project to hurry up and get on with, because the event is happening in just 3 weeks time. It's the World Skills comp, regional level. So many tasks to be responsible for it seems. And the task of the afternoon for me, was a familiar one - the media release. Always written in the same way, because for a newspaper, you are never sure how much space your release will get, so it has to be written so the whole story is told in just the first paragraph, just in case the article is cut from the bottom. It all comes back to me easily it seems, just with a different subject matter. Quite possibly it's a release that won't ever end up in a newspaper though. TAFE website perhaps?

I do like the sound of the pop-up shops showcasing the skills of the patisserie students though! Hope there's time for us busy tourism professionals to get some tasters!

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