Thursday, 3 September 2015


Airfares exam was this afternoon, and I'm happy to report that the news is good. Got my constructions all right and scored myself 100% in the exam. Woo Hoo, do a little dance, sing a little song, celebrate with dark chocolate dotted with puffed quinoa. OMG, it is to die for, and almost as good as the Bolivian chocolate I had in La Paz. And this one you can get at your local Coles. Yikes that's dangerous; it's way to easy to stock up!

But that does remind me of South American chocolate. There is a Choco Museo in Cusco in Peru and their blocks of chocolate, instead of regular even squares, were patterned as an Inca stone wall, so cool! My son and I bought 3 blocks before going on a 7 day trek, and had to ration ourselves to make it last the whole time. But, we really felt like we'd earned our daily supply, because this trek was a 'serious' trek. My Fitbit almost pooped itself because I'm sure it wasn't believing me that I'd actually covered so many kms and stair equivalents in such a few days! Day 1 of the trek registered 436 sets of stairs, 26000 steps and 18km, and that was only Day 1! Clearly, I lived to tell the tale, but oh, wow, what an awesome journey is the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu. Get motivated, get properly fit, save up, and get yourself to Peru and do an amazing trek before you die! 

And my best advice, if you're there with a 17 year old teenage boy, for goodness sake, invest in more than 3 blocks of chocolate from Choco Museo before you trek!

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