Monday, 31 August 2015


Walking this morning, I have been conscious to collect any items from nature for my nature box. How many bird feathers do we see and not really see when we walk? Did I know I walk over maybe 6 different types of seed pod on my walk every time I go? We really don't stop and look and actually see, do we? Training in green tourism shouldn't be hard, it shouldn't be a pain, it shouldn't be arduous to do. It's a chance to get on board, learn some things; because the rewards of travelling with a greener perspective are much more connected travel experiences. We will get so much more out of our travel experiences.

The gathering from my walk: little seed pods like marbles with an open end like a jug, shiny seed pod like a cockroach, half a canoe shaped seed pod that would float like a boat, a black and a white feather, some duck down feather, limey yellow transition jacaranda leaves, a spray of green grey eucalyptus leaves and a sawn eucalyptus branch piece with an awesome cross section. Try carrying that without a bag, I ask you?!

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