Friday, 28 August 2015


I've had my newly turned 18 boy home for a week and a half, and tonight he has to go back to uni down in Armidale, so I'm a little sad right now. It's gone really fast because I've been so busy with the course, husband being away, and managing all the daily activities for the 2 girls. So, on the travel-relevant side, he's off Brisbane to Armidale on the Greyhound Bus, departing Roma Street 5pm and arriving Armidale at 12.35am. Yikes! I've just been trying to ascertain where exactly the coach terminal is and whether there'll be a free call taxi phone there for him to call a cab. Turns out, no phone. Middle of the night, dark, cold, my beautiful boy on his own, needing to get out to the uni. Of course, he's left his mobile at uni for the holidays (why, I ask you?). I hope the bus driver is able to call him a taxi. Breathe, he is now 18.

Armidale is lovely, but possibly not at 12.35am in winter. The days will be getting warmer now, but it is a cold place in winter. They had 2 or 3 days of light snow this winter. And it gets the seasons, properly, unlike Brisbane. The autumn colours are amazing and the start of the uni year is so perfectly timed to see the colours when you drop off your intrepid first years at college for the semester!

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