Friday, 14 August 2015

Satisfaction? On the right track?

My week of trying so hard to catch up with all the coursework was both mildly frustrating, and satisfying for different reasons. Frustrating, because I pedalled harder, really really hard, and still didn't reach the finish line by Thursday. I did catch up on quite a few things, and submitted 2 itineraries, and at least, now I know what I am behind on! Satisfying, because I have confirmed with myself that, even though I had such a lot to do for the course, and I was single parent for the week (husband happily snowboarding in NZ!), I can achieve an enormous amount if I put my mind into it. Also satisfying, because I actually really like the itinerary work, which is what has taken up the most time this week. I feel like it's me giving a personal tailoring to what someone could actually do on their holiday. This is the stuff I like doing for my own travelling, and I realise it's not just because it's for me that I like it. I actually enjoy doing it anyway. I like researching! Also satisfying, because I don't find the selling of destinations even a little bit scary. I felt very spiffy because I'm cool with presentation, I actually really like that too. It's yet another chance to share my travel stories and talk about how great a place is with lots of people. So, on balance, after the week of craziness, the 'satisfying' feel wins the day! And that is a good thing!

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