Thursday, 20 August 2015

It feels like coming home

What does? Going out to interview and survey people. After all the community consultation, questionnaires, and market research for tourism planning and EISs that I've done in the past, it really does feel like coming home again to go out into Southbank and find the visitors and ask questions. I really don't mind doing it, and the people I talked to were all helpful and nice. I know it's all hypothetical and the business we're creating is hypothetical, but if it were real, there'd need to be a way more statistically sound set of results, with a much bigger sample size. We're assuming the people we survey are a big enough target market out of all the visitors to Brisbane, so what they say influences our business. Maybe they are, maybe they're not really a big enough market to develop a whole business to suit. But I need to get over the flaws, and the holes in the methodology though, because it really doesn't matter for the sake of our exercise. Ha ha! Ahhh! I can't help being like this!!

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