Sunday, 30 August 2015


Wednesday this week brings our training sessions - where we need to train the class about our specialty group. My group is Green Tourists and I want to do a very quick activity which hopefully will make everyone realise how much nature and the environment means to travel. But first I need a nature box, a collection of items from nature that might evoke some memories for people. I've been out today and collected leaves, bunya pine branches (the prickly ones), bits of stick, bark, seeds, a few rocks, a mushroom, a coconut (OK so I bought that!) and a star fruit. I still want a bag of white sand, some gravel, some shells, a bunch of fresher stuff like palm fronds and flowers, and I'd love to find a cicada shell or a rhino beetle (dead of course). Hope the box has something for everyone by Wednesday!

Will we all come out a tad greener? I do think it's possible..

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