Monday, 17 August 2015

Thinking creatively

Walking again, this morning, was when I started coming up with creative ideas for the next destinations presentation. Sometimes I think about coming up with a good idea, and the more I try, the more blocked I get. My better ideas seem to come when my brain is relaxed and when I'm exercising. Peru will be the destination for our presentation and I was trying to think of something different or a different way to focus the talk into key areas to talk about. So, my good idea from this morning is to use the letters of PERU for each area to focus the talk on. So P for PEOPLE , the cultures, colours and people of the history, so the Incas and the famous archaeology/anthropological history. E for ECOTOURISM as the Andes, along with the Himalayas, would be one of the the main trekking destinations in the world, and there's the Amazon as well. So the R is for ROUTES to take in Peru, all the options and recommendations. The U is for YOU, how to get you there, what you need, all the travel logistics for a trip to Peru. I think it's good.

Again, the benefits of thinking whilst walking - better ideas just start to flow.

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