Thursday, 10 September 2015


To fly on the anniversary of one of the worst plane disasters ever, 9/11, is not something I am comfortable with. I have rationalised with myself though over the past few months, and now think it's probably a very safe day to travel by plane. I'm going with 'safer than usual', and please don't shatter that thought, because tomorrow morning my daughter heads from Brisbane via LA to New York, not just on September the 11th, but also flying into JFK airport, New York on QF11. Safer than usual, the date is irrelevant, is it not?

I am so envious of her 3 weeks in the Big Apple, as I only had 5 days last December. She will go to school in Brooklyn, stay with New Yorkers, see the sights, eat like a New Yorker, and I just know she will love every single moment. I do hope she comes home!

So many highlights, so many fabulous nooks and corners, and things to discover and marvel over. In December, for me it was open ice skating rinks in Central Park, the giant clipped and manicured dinosaur topiaries holding massive Christmas wreaths that guarded the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History, the sombre feeling and  the icy wind that ripped through me at the 9/11 memorial, making me feel so uncomfortable but so moved at the same time. And the cookies, oh the cookies from the bakery around the corner a few blocks from where we stayed on W79th. A tip from the concierge lead us, but the wafting scents would have got us there too. A line of people waiting for the most sensational cookies you will ever be lucky enough to savour. A cookie to share (even with a hungry teenage boy), but you really should buy one of each of their varieties.

You must see these cookies. But better still, you must eat one of these cookies. And my lovely daughter has this chance in the next 3 weeks. So jealous!

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